When it comes to benefits of volunteering, a lot of people think that’s it’s all about the warm and fuzzy feeling you feel after helping someone. As it turns out, that’s far from the only benefit. What a lot of people don’t realize is that it is not just about soup kitchens, the peace corps and doctors against borders. Charity work requires a wide variety of people, doing a wide variety of things for everything to work. Because of this you can volunteer as almost anything, which means there are some surprising benefits to be had. For example, volunteering….

                          1. Teaches You New Skills

                          From helping making websites, to teaching immigrant kids your native language, to arranging events for charity. Volunteering can really be almost anything. That means that when you get involved in charity work, a lot of the time you will face challenges just as you would in a new job. And through overcoming these you learn and start to master completely new skills.

                          2. Helps You Stay Active

                          Sometimes when you need to do something the most, is when you feel the least like doing anything. This is where volunteering can help out. It’s a lot more difficult to blow off volunteering than a casual appointment with a friend. So when you feel like shit, and you don’t really want to, but really need to stay active, volunteering is your friend.

                          3. Fills Empty Spaces On Your Resumé

                          If your job search seems to be taking longer than you had expected, you might want to consider volunteering. It’s a way to prove that you’ve not just been sitting on your ass the whole time but you’ve been actively taking steps that can help you better your situation.

                          4. Can Lead To Work

                          I’ve seen people go into volunteering with no expectations, and further down the road, ending up working for a non-profit as a coordinator. Of course this line of work is not for everyone, but thankfully actually volunteering will give you a good idea of whether or not it’s a viable career path for you.

                          5. Can Be Therapeutic

                          Depending on what you choose to do, volunteer work can have a tremendous therapeuticeffect. There are many options that can be tremendously giving. One of my close personal friends has completely transformed after she started working with disabled kids. Volunteering helps you look outside yourself and your problems, allowing you to see the world and other people from a whole different perspective, which in turn can make you grateful for what you already have and see your own personal value.
                          6. Can Help Improve Social Skills

                          If you’re the kind of person that has a hard time putting yourself in social situations, volunteering can help. Of course it’s far from an instant fix, but it can be a useful tool in your battle. A permanent excuse to talk to people and try to get along.

                          7. Can Be Relevant Work Experience

                          Something that seems to stop many, is that experience often seems to be a prerequisiteto get a job. With some professions, volunteering can actually help you get the experience you need to get your foot in the door. There’s many a budding journalist that got his or her start volunteering for a college or university paper, and that’s not at all the only profession this applies to.

                          8. Can Teach You What Truly Matters

                          It’s a great way to find new perspectives on life. When you’ve been at it for a while, you just might find yourself re-evaluating your priorities, or even deciding on a completely new path to take in life. One of my friends went from wanting to be a lawyer, to discovering a true passion for teaching.

                          9. Helps You Make New Friends

                          Maybe not so surprising, but what might surprise you, is how genuine these friends are. Some of my long term friends are people I’ve met through volunteering.

                          10. Helps You Expand Your Network

                          One of the great things with volunteering, is that you meet a very wide variety of people. Instead of looking at it in a negative light of meeting people you don’t have a lot in common with, think of it as expanding your network. You’re getting to know people involved in many different walks in life that you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. I’m not the kind of guy that makes friends purely for connections, but sometimes it’s very convenient to have a broad network.
                          志愿服务的一大好处是,你会接触到很多人。从负面的角度看,你遇到了很多没多少共同之处的人,但不如换个角度来看,把它看成是在扩展你的人脉。你会认识各行各业的人,要是不参加志愿服务你根本就没有机遇和这些人相逢。我不是那种为了联系而去交朋友的人, 但有时有广泛的人脉网络是非常方便的。

                          11. Helps You Grow

                          Summed up in one line: Volunteering helps you grow. Not only as a person, but as we’ve covered, it can help you develop your skill set as well. The only real downside is how hard it is to leave when circumstances make it difficult for you to continue.

                          So if you’ve ever considered volunteering, what are you waiting for?

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